102. The Immaculate Contraption - Written by William Ivory #10.5
Directed by Gordon Flemyng

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Bjorn, the manager of a stress management centre has asked Arthur to supply some equipment for their opening. Meanwhile, local gangster Chico is also expecting delivery of some video recorders. When Arthur's suppliers all start to let him down and even his own car gets clamped, he wonders if the reason behind it could be the fact he mis-sold an overpriced old Austin Allegro to a nun, which Ray had tried to convince him was a bad thing to do. Driven to despair by a run of bad luck, Arthur decides to send Ray over to give the Allegro a full service, where Ray is surprised to meet Sister Virginia, who seems far more knowledgeable about fixing cars than Ray is.

As the Allegro is fully repaired with no expense spared, Arthur believes his luck is on the turn. This is essential as Mr. Jorgensen, managing director of the stress management organisaton has just flown in, to whom Arthur has assigned Bert to collect from the airport in order to buy him some time, while Dave does his best to repair some jacuzzis before Jorgensen starts his inspection. All this is essential to ensure that Arthur actually gets paid.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Metin Yenal as Bjorn, Sidney Livingstone as Bert, Frances Cuka as Sister Angelica, Tim Wylton as Smiler, Richard Durden as Dr. Jarvis, Edda Sharpe as Sister Virginia, Peter Shorey as Hacksaw Harry, Kevork Malikyan as Chico Santos, Mike Savage as Dipso Pete, Niall Toibin as Priest, Andy Greenhalgh as Freddy, Jerry Harte as Jorgensen, Joseph Alessi as Fidel, Perry Benson as Tiny, Peter Gunn as Clive, Morgan Jones as Eric, Andy Mulligan as Mechanic

Facts: In this episode we learn that Dave is quite a handyman as Arthur calls upon him to repair two jacuzzis at the stress management centre.

Double Take: Kevork Malikyan who plays gangster Chico Santos previously appeared as Chris in #1.6 Aces High And Sometimes Very Low. Mike Savage who plays Dipso Pete also appeared as Bernie in #2.9 All Mod Cons.

Bloopers: At 48m34s, watch carefully as Arthur, Ray & Dave approach the traffic lights - a young family is in the background looking on as the car comes to a stop.

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