103. All Quiet On The West End Front - Written by Bernard Dempsey and Kevin Sperring #10.6
Directed by Diarmuid Lawrence

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After Arthur's business acquaintance Shifty goes under, he offers Arthur a cheap opportunity to take over his stall at a local business fair. Arthur is more than happy to take it on as he sees a lot of affluent businessmen attending the fair and thus a lot of potential earners. While walking around the fair, Arthur hears a sales pitch from Mr. Hargreaves, an entertainment consultant and when he enquires about prices, Arthur soon realises he could be offering a similar service himself. As a result, he quickly establishes 'Willesden Entertainment Consultancy PLC'.

Meanwhile, a young jazz singer called Marian is seeking the affections of Ray, though unfortunately for her, Ray's feelings are not the same. Before long, Hargreaves becomes jealous of Arthur's overnight success and gets fed up with Arthur stealing potential clients. Hargreaves is in cahoots with local casino owner and hard case Kenton whose girlfriend, the glamorous Vanessa is in charge of the business fair where Arthur and Hargreaves are located. When Vanessa takes a liking to Ray and diverts some clients Arthur's way to make a bit on the side for herself, both Hargreaves and Kenton seek revenge on Arthur & Ray - with Ray receiving a right bashing from Vanessa's boyfriend Kenton.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Ian McNeice as Hargreaves, Samantha Janus as Marian, Natascha Taylor as Vanessa, Derrick Branche as Kenton, Marc Zuber as Mr Hussein, Jake Wood as Wasp, Tim Stern as Shifty, Tony Westrope as Tout, Gary Fairhall as Demoman, Colin Campbell as Gerry, Nick Lucas as Robinson, Luzita Pope as Hostess

Facts: Poor old Ray Daley certainly gets a right kicking at the end of this episode, with one of the toughest batterings he suffers throughout the final three series of Minder.

Double Take: Ian McNeice who plays Hargreaves in this episode previously appeared as Eric Morgan in #4.1 Rocky Eight & A Half. Marc Zuber, who plays Arthur's guest Mr. Hussein previously appeared as Nick in #1.6 Aces High & Sometimes Very Low. Tony Westrope who plays the ticket tout previously appeared as McClure in #3.12 Back in Good Old England. This is the second of two appearances by Jake Wood as Wasp, who appeared earlier in #10.4 One Flew Over The Parents' Nest.

Bloopers: None found.

Title: 'All Quiet on the Western Front' was a 1929 novel by Erich Maria Remarque and a 1930 film adaptation directed by Lewis Milestone.

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