105. On The Autofront - Written by William Ivory #10.8
Directed by Baz Taylor

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Rival car dealer and old school loan shark Don Gedley is after some money from a local antique dealer called Carson. While Don Gedley is happy to accept smaller amounts like in the old days Don's son Grant Gedley (who has been looking after affairs while Don has been in hospital), has decided to treat debtors with an iron fist approach. Grant decides he wants debts paid much more quickly with his own interest rate. This is all against the wishes of his father.

Meanwhile, Arthur's car lot seems to have an abundance of stock due to a lack of sales. When Arthur realises the Gedleys seem to be knocking out motors at discounted prices he begins to wonder why this might be. They soon discover the reason behind it is that Grant Gedley is undercutting Arthur on similar cars. After a local radio advertisement for 'After Dark Chocolate' seems to be a local hit, Arthur believes the key to turn his fortunes around is to create his own radio advertisement and sends Ray off to investigate how much it will cost. When Ray returns with astronomical prices, Ray suggests a pirate radio alternative and they employ some of Ray's mates to create the advert for them.

After Grant Gedley has decided there is no room for two car dealers on the manor, he decides to frame Arthur - taking one of Arthur's Volvos for a test drive with Arthur in it and crashing it through the front window of Carson's shop. This would also serve as a reminder to debtor Carson that Grant means what he says. With Carson in fear of retribution from Grant if he tells the truth, Carson is forced to claim Arthur was driving the Volvo when the accident happened and that he never saw anyone else, keeping Grant Gedley out of the whole affair.

When Don Gedley discovers the truth behind his son's behaviour, he replaces Arthur's Volvo and pleads with Arthur to take a bribe and take the rap for Grant - agreeing to pay any fine, plus two grand on top. As Arthur could never grass, he agrees to Don Gedley's terms. After Ray provides an anonymous tip off to the police about Grant, Grant is arrested and Arthur is asked to identify him in a lineup. Despite possibly incriminating himself for attempted murder, Arthur decides to stick to Don Gedley's deal, against the wishes of Ray who thinks Arthur should just tell the truth.

Events worsen when Grant Gedley smashes the windscreens of all the cars on Arthur's lot and destroys Ray's mates' studio. Ray decides enough is enough and takes matters into his own hands. Fearing what his son might do next, Don Gedley approaches Arthur for a second time and asks Arthur to deal with it as he cannot grass on family. Arthur & Ray soon create a plan to put an end to Grant Gedley's destructive behaviour.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Jim Carter as Tomkins, Godfrey Jackman as Don Gedley, Perry Fenwick as Grant, Valentine Nonyela as Mike, Neville Watson as Cool K, Ian Thompson as Carson, Soo Drouet as Lady in garage, Stuart Laing as Parker, William Armstrong as D.C. Lang, Peter Waddington as Darren, Sam Davies as Man in car lot, Demetri Jagger as Lad, Norman Roberts as Lad

Facts: The character of Tomkins, played by Jim Carter also appears in #9.4 Looking For Mr. Goodtime - the only police link to series nine. Jim Carter is probably more recognisable in his role as Mr Carson in the ITV period drama 'Downton Abbey'. Perry Fenwick is more recognisable as his role as Billy Mitchell in the long-running BBC soap 'EastEnders'.

Bloopers: Nothing specific, but the antiques shop has a fake frontage.

Title: 'On the Waterfront' - a 1954 crime drama film.

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