106. Bring Me The Head Of Arthur Daley - Written by Bernard Dempsey and Kevin Sperring #10.9
Directed by John Stroud

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From inside Wormwood Scrubs, convicted criminal and general nutcase Knowles informs his former partner in crime Phelan to frame Arthur Daley. Arthur is one of the few remaining men on the outside responsible for Knowles being inside. Meanwhile, Arthur is currently working on a scheme to get scaffolding shipped to Eastern Europe as part of redevelopment there.

Loyal to Knowles, Phelan sets about framing Arthur doing all he can to get Arthur put away. Firstly, Phelan arranges for a non-existent taxi to hit Arthur's car, at which point Phelan notes Arthur's car details. Later that night, Arthur's number plates are duplicated and a car similar to Arthur's damages another five cars, all of which is caught on CCTV. In no time at all, Arthur finds himself up in court, wrongly accused of the crime and receives an £850 fine.

When Arthur attempts to sell a stolen carpet that has been planted at the lockup to an undercover policeman, he finds himself up in court for a second time, this time receiving 100 hours community service. While Arthur is on community service, Ray discovers a case full of stolen watches that have been planted at the lockup and quickly disposes of them before a police raid, based on a tip off. As Arthur & Ray realise someone is out to get Arthur, they set out trying to find who is after Arthur. They soon discover a link to Phelan, the man Arthur sold a dodgy motor to in 1970, which as a result of breaking down caused the robbery to go wrong and put Knowles inside. Arthur & Ray finally agree that the only way to deal with Knowles is to confront him and keep a 24 hour watch on the lockup for Phelan's next move.

After Arthur & Ray confront Knowles in Wormwood Scrubs, Ray decides to meet with DS Rogerson, who informs Ray that Phelan has worked as a police informer for many years and that Phelan himself was responsible for the robbery going wrong, by crossing Knowles. Arthur & Ray finally track down Phelan and make a deal with him, that if he tells Knowles Arthur has been dealt with and puts things right with the old bill for Arthur, Ray & Arthur promise not to tell Knowles that Phelan crossed him in the past. After Phelan keeps his side of the bargain, Phelan is told the news that Knowles died two days before from a heart attack in Hammersmith hospital, something that Ray had accidentally forgotten to mention when Arthur & Ray made their deal with Phelan.

Arthur's final words in this episode are simply "That's my boy!" as he realises that Ray is in fact a lot smarter than he thought.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Stratford Johns as Knowles, Kenneth Cope as Phelan, James Warrior as DS Rogerson, Phyllida Law as Magistrate, Jack Watson as Hammer, Alan Ford as Bennett, David Battley as Potter, Desmond McNamara as Gossip, Tyler Butterworth as Rawle, David Cardy as Harding, Jeff Nuttall as Rossitor, Tim Munro as Doctor, Richard Braine as Armitage, Tim Potter as Lionel, Patrick Pasi as Atkinson, Tat Whalley as Willy, Sean Harris as Dean, Jonathan Stratt as Cabbie, Gilly Gilchrist as Policeman, Stephen Tate as Fitzgibbon, Douglas McFerran as Prison Officer, Sebastian Abineri as Prison Officer

Facts: This is the final appearance in series 10 by James Warrior as DS Rogerson, he had previously appeared in #10.7 The Great Depression of 1994.

Double Take: Kenneth Cope appears as Albert Stubbs in #1.2 Bury My Half At Waltham Green and as Scooter in #6.6 Waiting For Goddard. Desmond McNamara who plays Gossip had previously appeared as dirty book store owner Reggie in #3.6 Another Bride, Another Groom and as Les in #9.2 No Way To Treat A Daley.

Bloopers: None found.

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