107. The Long Good Thursday - Written by Tony Hoare #10.10
Directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark

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Arthur goes into business with local café owner Luigi and is opening an Italian mafia-themed restaurant called the 'Cosa Noshtra'. At the same time, a former part-time employee of Arthur's known as 'Cranky Frankie' escapes from the scrubs after learning that his wife Rosie is having an affair with someone on the manor. Armed with a gun, Frankie takes Arthur hostage at the lock up in a desperate attempt to find out who Rosie is seeing behind his back. Ray soon discovers that Arthur is being held hostage when he passes by at the lockup and quickly sets out to try and find who is having an affair with Rosie in order to save Arthur. Ray returns to the Winchester and soon learns that it is Arthur's new partner Luigi who is seeing Rosie and accidently lets it slip to Frankie while he is on the phone to Arthur.

Meanwhile, Luigi's wife Carla receives a phone call from Frankie's wife Rosie who confesses all. Frankie then takes Arthur to the Winchester to try and find out exactly what is going on with Rosie. With Luigi hiding in Dave's office at the Winchester, Frankie starts to see sense and considers giving himself up. At that moment, Luigi's wife Carla bursts into the Winchester with a knife and tells Frankie who really has been sleeping with Rosie and suggests that they should team up and kill Luigi & Rosie together. Frankie then forces Ray, Dave & Carla into Dave's office and locks the door. He keeps Arthur with him and decides to head over to Rosie's flat, however as soon as they leave the Winchester, there is a surprise waiting for all of them - Arthur, Ray and Dave included.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Matthew Scurfield as Cranky Frankie Connor, Chris Sanders as Luigi, Mary Madox as Carla, Neil McCaul as Sammon, Barnaby Kay as Riley, Jean Warren as Rosie, Matthew Delamere as Phil, John Bardon as Billy, Trevor Nichols as Newscaster

Facts: The scene in which Arthur grabs onto the black bars in the back of the police van had to be re-shot as the black bars came away in George Cole's hands when originally shot. During the commentary of this episode on the Umbrella series 10 DVD released in Australia, Tony Hoare mentions that the title of this episode was actually thought of by his wife.

Double Take: Chris Sanders who plays Luigi had previously appeared as race course bookmaker Phil in #9.10 Cars And Pints And Pains.

Bloopers: The broken window of the lock up which Ray uses to discover Arthur being held hostage is smashed but not actually broken in an earlier scene in the same episode.

Title: A reference to the 1980 film 'The Long Good Friday' starring Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren.

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