109. In Vino Veritas - Written by Tim Loane #11.2
Directed by David Innes Edwards

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When his old mate Maurice turns up at the lockup, Archie assures Maurice that there is no problem with the supply of wine for his Roxy, his daughter, at her wedding. When Maurice explains his concerns to Archie that the groom, Neil might let Roxy down on the day Jamie is employed to keep an eye on him. Jamie soon discovers Neil having a conversation with notorious loan shark, 'Teddy B'. When Neil doesn't appear at his wedding Archie and Jamie manage to find him only to discover that he is not in debt and that in fact Teddy B is really his father and that he didn't want him at his wedding. In a turn of fate, it soon turns out that it is in fact Maurice that owes money to the loan shark. Bankrupt and suicidal, Archie is forced to help save Maurice from himself.

Cast: Shane Richie as Archie Daley, Lex Shrapnel as Jamie Cartwright, Jenna Russell as Petra Bennett, Rik Mayall as Maurice Robinson, Meera Syal as Jess Robinson, Dorian Healy as Edward 'Teddy B' Butler, Michelle Butterly as Angelica Butler, Meryl Fernandes as Roxy Robinson, James Cartwright as Neil Butler, Michael Begley as Orson, Michael Simkins as Charles Cupid, Simon Scardifield as Cop

Facts: When Archie and Jamie return to Petra's pub Archie discovers the name of the pub has been changed to 'The Winchester'. Archie tells Petra, "Dave'd be proud of you sweetheart" leaving the viewer to ponder on whether Dave is still around or not.

Double Take: Dorian Healy (Teddy B) previously appeared in #8.5 Guess Who's Coming To Pinner.

Bloopers: Although Archie's lawyer Dickie Mint (played by Paul Brooke) is at 'The Winchester' in the final scenes, he is not credited at the end of the episode.

Title: The title of this episode translates into English as "in wine there is truth" i.e. when you drink wine, you will indeed say what you really think.

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