111. A Matter Of Life And Debt - Written by Tim Loane #11.4
Directed by David Innes Edwards

A Matter Of Life And Debt Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 25th February 2009

Archie and Jamie are at the funeral of Harry Grant. Before his death Harry owed Archie several thousand pounds. At the will reading, Harry has left most of his estate to his beloved cats much to the annoyance of his ex-wife Liz, son Hugo and his younger Irish widow Maria. Following the funeral, Archie gives Jamie the job of minding Maria. After a confrontation outside The Winchester with Hugo, Archie is convinced that before his death, Harry had hidden stolen diamonds despite none of his remaining family knowing anything about them. Maria also seems to think there could be some diamonds and Archie seems to believe that the only way to find them is to contact Harry beyond the grave.

After enquiring with Petra, Archie visits fake medium 'Vlad the Imposter' who gives Archie a clue that the diamonds were 'worn by girls.' Harry referred to his cats as his girls and the one he loved most died recently and was buried in a graveyard. Maria recalls that Harry may have buried the cat in a diamond-studded collar, so everyone rushes to be the first to get to the cat's last resting place.

Cast: Shane Richie as Archie Daley, Lex Shrapnel as Jamie Cartwright, Jenna Russell as Petra Bennett, Paul Brooke as Dickie Mint, Jayne Wisener as Maria Grant, Steve Pemberton as Vlad the Imposter, Tom Bennett as Hugo Grant, Stuart Bowman as Chan Donovan, David Brammer as Dr. Crippen, Clare Higgins as Liz Grant, Edna Doré as Veronica

Facts: Archie seems to be trying to get fit in this episode, and gets a check up from his doctor, called Doctor Crippen. This is obviously a reference to Doctor Hawley Harvey Crippen, an American physician hanged in London for the murder of his wife in 1910.

Bloopers: None found.

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