112. Thank Your Lucky Stars - Written by Tim Loane and Jeff Povey #11.5
Directed by Karl Neilson

Thank Your Lucky Stars Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 4th March 2009

Archie organises a charity launch and fashion event at the lockup for millionaire Felix Cornell. The event has been set up for Felix's wife Eve, a former model, who believes that their clothing range should be produced fairly without exploitation. During the event, Felix invites Archie to play poker with him and when Archie loses he is forced to hand over a Porsche he is looking after for his old gangster pal Danny Blake. The car is intended as a present for Danny Blake's son which leaves Archie in a very sticky situation when he finds out Danny is to return in just a few days.

When Archie asks Felix for the car back, Felix offers Archie the chance of a rematch at his stately home. Knowing that Jamie has learnt a few things about poker in prison, Archie asks Jamie to pretend to be Mr. De Lisle in order to team up against Felix at the rematch. During their time at Felix's mansion, Eve begins to suspect that there is more to Felix than meets the eye and Jamie tells her that he has first hand evidence that Felix has tried to kill Wes Gray, who claims he can expose Felix for using sweatshops to produce his clothing.

Cast: Shane Richie as Archie Daley, Lex Shrapnel as Jamie Cartwright, Jenna Russell as Petra Bennett, Clive Wood as Felix Cornell, Rachael Stirling as Eve Cornell, Philip Barantini as Wes Gray, Jamie Foreman as Danny Blake, Adrian Scarborough as Harvey Stevenson, Frank Mills as Eric, Chloe Bale as Dealer

Facts: Clive Wood who plays Felix in this episode has had many appearances on British television over the years, and is probably more recognisable as DCI Wray in 'The Bill', Matt Kerr in 'Press Gang' or Jack Morgan in 'London's Burning'.

Double Take: Frank Mills who plays hapless doorman Eric previously appeared as Wendy's sidekick in #4.10 Get Daley, and as Arthur's barber Len in #8.9 The Greatest Show in Willesden and #9.6 Gone With The Winchester - he is one of only two actors (the other being Linal Haft) that have appeared in every guise of Minder.

Bloopers: On the original showing of this episode the 'ad cap' (screen picture) that introduced the viewer to 'Part 2' actually read 'End of Part 2' - obviously overlooked by someone on the production team.

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