113. Till Debt Do Us Part - Written by Tim Loane #11.6
Directed by David Innes Edwards

Till Debt Do Us Part Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 11th March 2009

Delilah Daley, Archie's wife is threatening to drag Archie's financial records and dodgy dealings through the courts unless he pays her off with a hefty divorce settlement. In order to raise the cash, Archie believes he can win it by betting on a fight and training his own fighter to win. Archie has seen reports of a good up and coming boxer named Carlo Rocks and believes that his own boxer Ryan Doyle can beat him under the guidance of former junior champion boxer Jamie.

While Jamie is training Ryan, Archie sets about raising some cash by selling the contents of his lock-up. Delilah sees Archie's attempt to beat Carlo as a direct insult to her as it soon prevails that Carlo and Delilah are together. In revenge for Archie upsetting her, Delilah sets Ryan up by flirting with him in a pub and asking Carlo to pick her up. When Carlo arrives, he gives Ryan the kicking of his life, unable to take part in the fight. This leaves Archie with no option but to ask Jamie to step in and fight Carlo in the ring.

Before the fight begins, Archie tells Jamie he has placed all his money on Carlo and asks Jamie to throw the fight. Jamie tells Archie he has never taken a fall for anyone and that Archie should have known better than to have even asked him. When Delilah upsets Archie ringside, Archie decides that he now wants Jamie to win and for a short time his support does spur Jamie into knocking Carlo down. As a result of this, Jamie loses self-control, something he had previously mentioned to Ryan as very important earlier in the episode. Rocks returns from the fall and knocks Jamie out, with Jamie losing the fight.

After the fight, Jamie tells Archie he did it for him and that their partnership is over for good with Jamie thinking Archie just uses people for his own benefit. Jamie offers the fee from the fight to Ryan and when Ryan explains that as a result of his injuries, Carlo has destroyed his boxing career forever, Jamie tracks Carlo down and beats him up on the street. With Jamie facing the possibility of going down, the only option for Archie to save him is to ask Carlo to drop the charges. Delilah tells Archie she will get him to drop the charges if he pays her double what she originally wanted from a divorce settlement. Archie agrees, leaving him without a penny. As Jamie is released by the police, Archie greets him outside and the two drive off together, Jamie seeming to have forgiven him.

Cast: Shane Richie as Archie Daley, Lex Shrapnel as Jamie Cartwright, Jenna Russell as Petra Bennett, Josie Lawrence as Delilah Daley, Paul Brooke as Dickie Mint, Liam Bergin as Carlo Rocks, Richie Campbell as Ryan Doyle, Garry Cooper as Jacko, Linal Haft as Spike, Josette Simon as DI Murray

Facts: While Archie is surfing the net looking for potential contenders he comes across a news article stating that "Cartwright gets on the wrong side of the law", dated 21st July 2001. The article states that Jamie, a former junior champion boxer, was standing trial for GBH, having been in a pub brawl with the boyfriend of his mother. It also stated that Jamie had pleaded guilty to the charges, though he claimed he was provoked. In this episode we learn that Archie and Delilah have been married for 15 years, do not have any children but do have a dog.

Without a penny to his name, Archie refers to his Uncle Arthur and tells Petra "if he could see me now". This is the only direct reference to Arthur throughout the whole of series 11. The last 15 minutes of the episode are indeed probably the most emotional scenes of the whole series with Archie realising that Jamie is a real friend and that he means far more to him than any amount of money.

Double Take: Linal Haft who plays Boxing expert Spike previously appeared in three episodes of the original Minder series: #3.13 In, #6.7 Minder On The Orient Express and #10.1 A Fridge Too Far - who along with Frank Mills are the only actors to have appeared in every guise of Minder - The Terry McCann Years, The Ray Daley Years and The Archie Daley Series.

Bloopers: None found.

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