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Minder Computer Game released in June 1985 by dk'tronics George Cole meets Don Priestly
Written by Don Priestly

In June 1985, dk'tronics released a Minder computer game written by Don Priestly.

The game was available for the ZX Spectrum, MSX and Amstrad CPC464. A version for the Commodore 64 was also planned but never materialised. The game is based on the TV show where you play the role of Arthur trying to make some nice little earners.

For more information on the game, read on or if you want to play the game online now click 'Play Now' below.

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Screenshots of Minder

Slightly different graphics appeared across the various platforms.

Front Screen in dk'tronics Minder Computer Game
Front Loading Screen (MSX)
Terry's Flat in dk'tronics Minder Computer Game
Terry at his flat (ZX Spectrum)
Dave at The Winchester Club in dk'tronics Minder Computer Game
Dave at The Winchester Club (ZX Spectrum)
Driving between locations in dk'tronics Minder Computer Game
Driving Scene (Amstrad CPC 464)
Arthur's Lockup in dk'tronics Minder Computer Game
Arthur's Lockup (Amstrad CPC 464)
Trading at The Winchester Club in dk'tronics Minder Computer Game
Trading at The Winchester Club (MSX)

Articles & Reviews

Here are some of the articles and reviews of this game that appeared at the time of its release:

April 1985 Popular Computing Weekly Interview with Don Priestly

June 1985 Sinclair User Review by Chris Bourne No 39

Getting Started

Thanks to fellow Minder fan Shaun Roberts here you can find some tips on how to play the game correctly and hopefully enjoy it.
 It is recommended that you print this page before starting to play Minder and get a PEN and PAPER to jot down details of the deals you make.

Before you start ...

  » Print these tips & tricks.
  » Get a pen & paper to jot down details of the deals you make.
  » Consider reading the dk'tronics Instruction Booklet that came with the game.

General Tips

  1. Each day, it is important to GET INTO A ROUTINE, and remember that Terry is in his flat first thing.
  2. Catch the dealers in the morning. Go down the Winchester Club in the evening for the bargains.
  3. Some dealers offer higher prices than other for goods.
  4. Try and avoid going to the lock-up, why you should ever need to go there is beyond me.
  5. If you choose to hang around the lock-up expect to get stung, you have been warned!
  6. You can ask Terry to "dump" stolen or dodgy goods for you.
  7. Selling stolen goods will not get you money in the long run.
  8. Dave, at the Winchester Club is a good source of information, not to mention booze.
  9. Terry can be hired as a Minder. Say to Terry: "Terry, be my minder", but as always there's a cost.
10. If you go to a dealer and Chisholm is there, talk to him first. You'll find out what's hot, he'll go, and you can deal!
11. Remember, when selling you've got to cover the cost of collection and delivery.
12. Jelly babies go mouldy.
13. Try not swear, it doesn't get you very far (unless Terry's looking after you).
14. Rather than saying TV's, put "televisions". "Flypaper" not Flypapers.
15. Check that your selling the right stuff, internal widgets instead of external widgets etc.

Selling Goods

16. Go to one of your friendly dealers.
17. Check what you have, making note of quantity, price and the name.
18. Ask a dealer "Do you want any" or "Interested in any" then put the name of the goods. (See 14)
19. When your asked the price say "10 quid" or "20 pounds" or "30 sovs" etc. Never just put a figure. (See 25)
20. Once you've haggled over the price and found out how much of your dodgy stuff a dealer wants to buy.
21. Make a note when you have to deliver by and the details of the deal.

22. Dealers' names are a key to the stock they like to buy and seem to give you better deals in accordance to the product e.g. Oddgood buys weird stuff like spots etc. and Watt buys Electrical stuff.

Buying Goods

23. Go to the Winchester Club, either wait for a punter to approach or pick one you think has the goods for you.
24. Listen to the buff, if you like the sound of rubbish he's trying to dump on you say "how much".
25. If you think you want some other (alternative) goods, rather than what is on offer, say "do you have any......".
26. Remember always when talking money, use the words: pounds, quid or sovs.
27. Say how many you want, once you've agreed a price, or ask "how many do you have".
28. Make a note of when you have to pick up the stuff and the details of the deal.

Collection & Delivery of Goods

29. Find Terry - he is usually at his flat first thing, or in the Winchester Club.
30. Say "Collect some...." Or "Deliver some...."
31. Once you have asked Terry he'll run off for you and do the biz - Terry will confirms he wants a cut.
32. Next time you see Terry he will give you the money for the deal, minus his share.

Play Minder Online

If you wish to play the game online, the easiest way is to click 'Play Now' below. Note: this game will only work inside a standard desktop web browser and not using a mobile device.

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Play Minder Offline

The ZX Spectrum version of this game can be played offline with a ZX Spectrum emulator and the Minder game ROM.
Emulators can be downloaded from The World Of Spectrum site. Once you have downloaded and installed the emulator, download and extract the Minder game ROM (ZIP) file to play the game offline.

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