The Minder Songs

I Could Be So Good For You
- Dennis Waterman & The Dennis Waterman Band (1979)

The series itself had its own distinctive theme tune, written by Patricia Waterman and Gerard Kenny. The single "I Could Be So Good For You" / "Nothing At All" (EMI5009) reached number 4 in the UK charts. On 6th November 1980, Dennis also appeared on the British Music show "Top Of The Pops" (with his band) to perform the song. The group also re-appeared on the show a week later.

Although Dennis left the series in 1989 the theme song remained for the Ray Daley Years featuring Gary Webster, though only in an upbeat "music only" version, this time only credited to Kenny.

I Could Also Be So Good For You

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Interestingly, the official sheet music score is also available in pink!

The strange choice of colours continues - as well as its release in Great Britain, the song was released in Ireland with this very fetching green EMI sleeve!

The first episode of Top Of The Pops featuring Dennis and his band performing this song also features Motorhead performing "Ace Of Spades".

What Are We Gonna Get 'Er Indoors?
- Dennis Waterman & George Cole (1983)

In 1983, Dennis Waterman & George Cole collaborated on the
"What Are We Gonna Get 'Er Indoors?" / "Quids And Quavers" (EMIMIN 101) Christmas single.

On both sides of the record, both play the respective roles of their Minder characters, Terry McCann and Arthur Daley. The record reached number 21, and spent a total of 5 weeks on the UK pop chart. The record featured a very catchy chorus line, that included many dialogues heard in the TV series.

The pair performed the song on the UK music show "Top Of The Pops" on 22nd December, 1983.

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If Arthur and Terry were really struggling to find something to get 'Er Indoors, perhaps they could have tried the promotional beer mat that accompanied the release of the single (shown here on the right).

The B-Side "Quids and Quavers" sees Terry singing and playing the guitar. He has written a song for his new girlfriend Marjorie, who Arthur is shocked to find out is a police woman. This tracks contains more dialogue between Arthur & Terry, as Arthur discusses the idea of Terry becoming a professional performer! Both songs were written by George Cole and Dennis Waterman.

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Arthur Daley E's Alright
- The Firm (1982)

1982 saw the release of a single by THE FIRM entitled "Arthur Daley 'e's alright" (HID 1). This song is based on the series and is made up of its most commonly used expressions. These include "Or'ight my son", "Leave it Out", "Do Wor?", "Asit 'appens"and many others. The picture of Arthur shown above appears on the picture sleeve of the single.

A truly classic record for all those who love the Minder dialect. Incidentally, the B side of this record contains an even more amusing posh version!
Slightly better than "Star Trekkin", Arthur Daley E's Alright was performed on the
UK music show "Top Of The Pops" on 29th July, 1982.

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"Arthur Daley, a little dodgy maybe, but underneath..."
"You know what Chisolm said? He said I'll know how Arthur Daley will die, he'll fall off the back of a lorry..."

Night Moves
- F McDonald

Big thanks to Minder fan and hip hop/funk fan w0nt0n for this one - listen to it carefully, you'll find it in the Series 1 episode  - "The Bounty Hunter" as Terry is going to meet Fenton for one last time. This instrumental is a very Very groovy tune. The song is also featured in an episode of Bergerac from 1981 called "Unlucky Dip", that interestingly featured Fawlty Towers' Prunella Scales as a special guest!

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Dennis Waterman Songs

During the 70s and early 80s Dennis released a variety of singles and albums. Shown here are some of the more interesting items. More information will be added in the near future about Dennis releases.

"Louise" / "Something Called Love"
- Dennis Waterman
While on his holidays in Spain, Minder fan Andrew Brooks found this Dennis single.
 It's hard to imagine our Dennis being a pop sensation in Spain particularly
looking as cool as he doesn't here!

"Mind you Listen to this record"
- Dennis Waterman
has also tracked down the following 7" sleeve which we believe was a flexi-disc release, played at 33rpm
Can you help us with this one?.

Gary Webster TV Advertisement Voiceovers

Over the years, Gary Webster has done several voiceovers for Television advertisements with QVoice Limited, the number one company for providing voiceovers. This has included work for The Office of Fair Trading, WHSmith, Anti-Drink Drive campaign and Redoxen Effervescent.

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