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Paul Temple subtitles

Series 2 (German Series/Staffel 1)
the blue set
Amazon Germany link: Series 2
Series 3 (German Series/Staffel 2)
the green set
Amazon Germany link: Series 3
Series 4 (German Series/Staffel 3)
the purple set
Amazon Germany link: Series 4

In May 2016 German DVD company Fernsehjuwelen released series 2 to 4 of the Paul Temple TV series onto the German market.

The good news was this finally saw the release of many episodes from German TV archives, previously deemed missing. However, the bad news for English speakers was that these episodes contained the German audio only.  If you don't understand German, but want to watch these Paul Temple episodes, you won't understand what's going on.

Wrong! The good news is that I am a Paul Temple fan who does understand some German and is thus periodically creating subtitles for these 'missing episodes' to be enjoyed by all, worldwide in the English language using English subtitles for the German audio.

Paul Temple (1969-1971)
Subtitle Samples

Paul Temple English Subtitles Page on

NOTE: These are NOT official subtitles rather 'a best as can be' fan translation project.

As Fernshjuwelen don't seem to care about ANY subtitles (neither English NOR German - what a pity!), the aim of this page is to allow those who don't speak German to at least understand these episodes' storylines. Please note, the English subtitles presented here are to be used in conjunction with the German DVD releases, not replace them.

No copyright infringement is intended here. This show just needs appreciating by everyone again.

This is solely a translation project (which takes a LOT of time!) to complement the Fernsehjuwelen releases and allow English speakers i.e. the rest of the world, to fully understand and finally get to enjoy this series again after many many years without these episodes seeing the light of day.

Please note, this takes a long time to complete and is not intended to be a perfect translation, who can translate perfectly?
The English translations in the subtitles are simply a 'best of' that allows you to enjoy the picture and story as best as possible.

How do I get the English subtitles to appear?

The English subtitles are provided here in .srt format (universal SubRip format). It is recommened these be used together with VLC Media Player - link:


(1) Start the DVD in VLC Media Player.

(2) Choose the episode you want and click the Subtitle menu, followed by Add Subtitle..

(3) Choose the appropriate subtitle (.srt) file from the list below.
Note: Some files are completely FREE to download, but some will only be made available to registered users over at the Minder forum with a minimum number of posts (registration is also free) - Arthur & Terry like the principle of give and take, so do I:


Download Subtitle Files

English subtitle .srt files will be added here when translated and checked. Right click the link and click 'Save Link As'.

UK Series 2 / German Series (Staffel) 1 - the blue set

Episode Title: Subtitle File: link:
Das Gangsterspiel
S02E01 - Right Villain
(Das Gangsterspiel) (44Kb)
Die Zigarre
S02E02 - Kill or Cure
(Die Zigarre) (46Kb) FREE DOWNLOAD
Die Kunstliebhaber
S02E04 - The Artnappers
(Die Kunstliebhaber) (48Kb) members
with 35 posts only

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Der Mann Von Batu
S02E05 - The Black Room
(Der Mann von Batu) (49Kb) FREE DOWNLOAD
Der Apollo von Arezzo 1. Teil
S02E06 - Antique Death Part 1
(Der Apollo von Arezzo 1. Teil) (38Kb) members
with 150 posts only

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Der Apollo von Arezzo 2. Teil
S02E07 - Antique Death Part 2
(Der Apollo von Arezzo 2. Teil) (36Kb) FREE DOWNLOAD
Der Apollo von Arezzo
S02E08 - Double Vision
(Der Schriftsteller-kongress ) (45Kb) members
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S02E09 -Steal A Little Happiness
(Gina) (36Kb) members
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Ein Koffer für Mr. Geoffrey
S02E10 - The Suitcase
(Ein Koffer für Mr. Geoffrey) (60Kb) FREE DOWNLOAD
Mord in München. Teil 1
S02E11 - Murder in Munich Part 1
(Mord in München 1.Teil) (44Kb) FREE DOWNLOAD
Mord in München. Teil 2
S02E12 - Murder in Munich Part 2
(Mord in München 2.Teil) (34Kb) FREE DOWNLOAD

To be continued...

Doing this takes time. More episodes will be added periodically as they are completed. Thanks for checking out this little Paul Temple corner of the internet. Your continued patience and support is appreciated.

Good news! January 2020 - work on Paul Temple subtitles will resume! If you can or want to help, click 'Contact Us' above.

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