minder.org's Two Minute 'MasterMinder' Quiz - Quiz No 1

  1. What was the very last Dennis Waterman episode of Minder to be filmed?
  2. How many episodes of Minder did the character Norman Gibbons appear in?
  3. Detective Sergeant Morley's character was originally intended to be known as whom?
  4. Which of these episodes did Gary Webster film first in series 8?
  5. We never learn of Taff Jones' first name in the series, only an initial. What is it?
  6. In how many episodes does a Winchester Regular called 'Ron' appear in the series?
  7. What is the total number of episodes/specials throughout the entire Dennis Waterman & Gary Webster eras that feature scenes filmed on land outside the UK?
  8. Michael Troughton plays DC Melish in 7 episodes of Minder. We only hear his first name Tom said once, but who says it?
  9. Which of these five actors appeared in the most episodes of Minder?
  10. Alfie's Rolls Royce Silver Shadow seen in #1.1 Gunfight at the OK Laundrette is also seen briefly in which other Minder episode?

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