minder.org's Two Minute 'MasterMinder' Quiz - Quiz No 2

  1. What episode is the last to feature a white Ford Capri with the registration SLE 71R?
  2. Who was NOT a police superintendent in the series?
  3. What is Chisholm's real first name?
  4. The 1983 Christmas Special 'Minder's Christmas Bonus' features clips of other episodes plus exactly how many minutes of new footage in The Winchester Club?
  5. TRUE or FALSE, George Cole's wife Penny Morrell appeared in an episode of Minder?
  6. In which of the broadcast series do we first hear Dave's surname and what is it?
  7. In Minder creator Leon Griffiths' original Minder novel released before the series was ever broadcast, what first name does Arthur's wife have?
  8. Only one of these names appears in at least 5 episodes of Minder as an uncredited extra, the other three are characters.  Which name is the uncredited extra?
  9. In the Dennis Waterman era of the show series 1 to 7, how many different lockups does Arthur have?
  10. In which episode does Chisholm (Patrick Malahide) say 'Give an utterance, has it?' to DC Jones (Michael Povey)?
    If Money Be The Food Of Love, Play On
    Caught In The Act, Fact

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